Heating & Cooling

Armor Home Services heating and cooling professionals want to make sure your house is safe and effecient. Every service call from out team will include:

  • complete diagnostic evaluation
  • fan and compression unit cleaning
  • filter cleaning or replacement
  • thermostat check to ensure proper temperature control
  • full electrical testing and inspection
  • freon and gas line inspection
  • gas valve inspection and repair or replacement
Armor Home Services offers the following heating and cooling services:
  • central and window air conditioning
  • swamp coolers
  • outdoor boilers and radiators
  • central heating systems
  • ducts and vents
  • electric wall and room systems
  • furnaces and thermostats
  • outdoor misters
  • water heaters
  • and more!
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To ensure you complete satisfaction with the quality of our work, Armor Home Services plumbing professionals will always:

  • use sweat pipes or compression fittings
  • use cleaned and glued PVC/ABS
  • use clean and crimped felx-pipe tubing
  • use snakes, power augers and chemicals when appropriate
  • pressure test lines to detect leaks for your safety
  • back-flush to kill algae in lines for your health
  • use trenching equipment to install underground lines
  • follow all manufacturer recommendations for installation and repairs
Armor Home Services offers drain cleaning as well as replacement, installation and relocation of the following:
  • faucets
  • disposals
  • dishwashers
  • tubs
  • showers
  • toilets
  • water softeners
  • water mains
  • sewer lines
  • and more!
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