Foundation & Waterproofing

At Armor Services our mission is to provide our clients an unparalleled construction experience. We redefine the terms "Customer Service" and "Customer Satisfaction". After years of rendering these services with outstanding results, they have become the heart of our company culture.

Concrete Underpinning

Foundation underpinning offers several methods to repairing settlement. Concrete resistance piering or underpinning can be used to stabilize your foundation from sinking further into the ground. The Armor Services foundation underpinning systems guarantee to prevent your home from further movement.

Concrete underpinning is used in heavier structure for stabilization. A hollow caisson is driven into the ground and filled with concrete to support the structure. This method offers more strength than helical underpinning. Concrete underpinning, however, does not offer the ability to lift the structure in anyway.

Armor Services offers engineered methods of underpinning. Both helical underpinning and a push pile system. The push pile system offers the ability to hydraulically lift the structure as well as stabilize.

Push Pier & Helical Stabilization

At Armor Services, we are able to provide structure stabilization and remediation services with the use of helical piles and underpinning assemblies. Piles are installed under the existing structure to be repaired and large foundation brackets are attached to the pile. Once assembly is complete, with the use of hydraulic pumps and jacks, downward pressure is applied to the pile which forces the foundation bracket upward, in turn, raising the structure. Once stabilized, the bracket is locked into place, the site is backfilled and the work area repaired as needed.

We can custom make any helical pile configuration for bearing capacities in tension, compression and pull-out loads, and special manufactured sized to fit each job site application.

Tieback Stabilization

Tieback Foundation techniques vary from contractor to contractor. The reason is always the same. When your basement or retaining wall has moved, it needs to be secured. Armor Services Tie backs are designed to secure your wall from further movement. Additionally, they can also move the wall back towards its original position.

Armor Services Tiebacks use sound and proven engineering methods in securing and stabilizing your basement wall from further deterioration.

The system is engineered to develop holding strength several times the strength of a concrete masonry wall.

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing we use outside and inside applications. The outside application requires excavating, straightening walls, repairing cracks, applying hydraulic cement to cracks, applying foundation coating to walls, and installing 1 layer 6 mil plastic.

Installing new drain tile, covering with clean rock. Installing new window wells, backfilling and grading to drain water away from the foundation.

The inside application consists of sawing the floor one-foot out from the basement walls, removing the concrete, excavating, installing drain tile and covering with clean rock. The drain is connected into the sump pit. Then the concrete is replaced.